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Etes-vous prêts à remonter le temps ?

Victor, a 14-year-old teenager, makes a huge mistake that puts his parents in great difficulty. Refusing to apologize, he is sent to Miss Bleche, the mean neighbor. This is the worst punishment for him, he won't be able to bear it.

After the program of horrible activities that Miss Bleche plans for him, Victor runs away and runs away to take refuge with his old friend Paul, a household appliance repairman who runs a shop down the street from his house. Victor confides to him that he would dream of being able to go back in time to avoid his stupidity. Paul then reveals to him that he is working on a fridge to go back in time.

They therefore decide to turn on the famous machine to try the experiment. When the two friends leave, Miss Bleche prevents Paul and Victor from leaving and disrupts the machine. By mistake, Victor is sent alone into the past, 25 years earlier. When he arrives in the workshop, Victor meets Paul who is 25 years younger. He realizes the fridge is broken and they are stuck in the past to 1998.

Paul is still new to repairs but he is the only solution for Victor. He must convince young Paul to repair the machine. At the same time, they realize that if they manage to get rid of Miss Bleche in the past, she will not disrupt the machine in the present by butterfly effect and Victor will then have a chance to start again at the moment of his stupidity.

After their triumph over Miss Bleche and the repair of the fridge, the boys realize that the machine was only programmed to return to the present where time continued to flow. Victor's goal collapses. Victor has no choice, he will have to face his parents...

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